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Pointless WebPage

Please exercise caution whilst visiting this page, as it has been known to cause severe bordom in some surfers.

Pointless Graphics
Standard Smilie
Sad Smilie
Evil Smilie   Evil Smilie mk2
Winking Smilie
Tounge Smilie   Tounge Smilie mk2
Big Grin
Blue Capture the Flag - Original design by 'neo axd'
Red Capture the Flag - Original design by 'neo axd'
Redeemer Whore - Original design by '{DBM}Jaž'
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Symbol
Quake 3 Symbol - Small Smilies    Quake 3 Symbol - Standard Smilies

All the smilie images used, though not exactly original in design, were made by me. (Unless otherwise noted.)
Feel free to copy and use them. However please do NOT link to them.

Chess Set